Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vintage Pattern heaven

Both of these beautiful finds are from A Vintage Wedding. The sleeves, the centre front seams... Absolutely loving it.

Oh and any pattern that is part house coat, part wedding-dress is fine by me.

Butterick 7488 - 1930s

Simplicity 2639 - 1930s

Ed: 22 July 2007 - A Vintage Wedding site seems to have died a death. I will update you as and when I find out what's happening! Having a panic because I thought I'd decided to get 7488 and now don't know what to do!

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Tara said...

Hi Helen! Saw your blog through Weddingbee.... Sorry to hear that the vintage site went away, but just wanted to ask whether you've checked Ebay? Don't know whether they'd have th exact pattern that you mentioned, but they have TONS of vintage patterns and surely lots of them are wedding dresses. Many are quite inexpensive.

(In fact, I have a wedding dress pattern that I got in a set of patterns. I dug it up to see if it's like what you were looking for, but it's much more 1950s -- big poofy skirt.)

Just thought it was worth a mention. Good luck finding a dress!