Monday, January 31, 2011

Crew Crooning

image image

Noelle Gown – silk duchess satin

image image image

Arabelle – silk chiffon in a scrumptious palette of colour options


Sophia – silk tricotine in Rich Plum

Oh such prettiness… can’t wait for the Spring 2011 collection to be released…

Sunday, January 30, 2011

M&S goes all crafty

New spring collection for M&S home has clearly grabbed the zeitgeist with two hands and created a collection for those people who prefer their crafted items made in far-flung places by others…

Not sure about the ethos that goes with these products but the styling is definitely ‘of the moment’…

image image

image image

image image

  imageimage image  image

From top to bottom:

Crochet throw, Crochet floral cushion, 3D flower cushion, crewel work butterfly cushion, flower panel cushion, vintage corsage cushion, chain stitch heart cushion, 3D daisy cushion, Home text cushion, Love texture cushion

Take the inspiration. Breathe it in. Inhale the brights, the pom poms, the florals. Get thee to Granny Knits and have a good ol’ explore.

CS-MAR-pompomapron2.jpg  EMB-mixedhoops2.jpg


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have your cake and sniff it

If you're still hanging on with clenched jaw and rumbling tummy to your New Year's Resolutions, then this gorgeous bit of heart-shaped not-tatt may just do the job for the 14th of next month...

Panacotta Heart Candle

High in style, low in calories, get your sweet kick while creating a homely aroma.

And it's on sale, down to £12 from £15.

What's not to like??

Better than this monstrosity that I spotted in town this week...

Rose - Giant Rose

Friday, January 28, 2011

A day in the life of a grandma

P1060016On our return to the Tilster yesterday, we were greeted with a generally sticky baby. Not through lack of washing, but rather through a gunky eye of conjunctivitis and a snotty nose of post-jab feverishness.

Grandma had a lovely time with the Little One but it would be untrue to say that Tilly gave her an easy ride of it…

Will leave you with the notes that we discovered in Grandma’s kitchen between our departure at 4.30pm on Monday afternoon and our collecting Tilly on Thursday morning…


  • supper: 2 grapes, chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, carrot, pear, yoghurt
  • 1 Pringle
  • poo
  • bath 6.30
  • milk
  • bed 7ish
  • awake 12.30 / 2.15 / 3.00 / 4.30 (calpol) / 7.30


  • breakfast: milk, weetabix, toast, satsuma
  • took to school [where Grandma works] – ok but a little pink
  • slept in car then bed – total 15 mins
  • lunch – beans, toast, pear
  • poo
  • slept 2.15 – 3pm
  • walk to postbox – rather hot and a bit grumpy
  • calpol and calprofun
  • supper – meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot, yoghurt
  • poo
  • bath
  • play
  • bed 7.15
  • woke 8.30 with cough
  • woke 2.30, 4.30, 5.45 (milk)



  • downstairs to play but fell asleep again til 8am!
  • breakfast: weetabix, yoghurt, hot crossed bun, orange
  • visited neighbour
  • bed but poo so had lunch instead: toast, beans, grapes, banana
  • bed 12.45 to 1.20
  • playgroup – enjoyed seeing other children
  • home at 2.45 and straight to sleep
  • woke 4am – very hot
  • early bath and calpol
  • supper: fish pie and yoghurt
  • poo
  • milk
  • bed 7.15

Sadly on our return to St A, she has been incredibly fevery and snotty and so all the good work done by 3 nights away are being rapidly undone by half-hourly summonses to the nursery for cuddles. It’s lovely to have her back for cuddles, but I think I could probably have resisted the temptation for snuggles until the sun rose…

Friday, January 21, 2011

Knit What…?

The Boy and I are off for a mini-break next week, leaving the Little One with the Boy’s parents. Three nights and four days, dinner, bed and breakfast and spa treatments here.


Although it’s now something of a joke amongst my friends, I intend to take along a good ol’ chunk of knitting and come back having made a dent in a project… wait for it… FOR ME!!!

I’ve got 10 skeins of blueberry Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that I bought before Christmas. It was to make a holiday jumper and as ever, the project escaped me in favour of a present making marathon…

Options for The Project are: 

Buttercup Top

Girly top


The Cabling spectacular that is Catriona

The fit and plunge Poet’s Pullover

Feather & Fan Cardigan

Somerset Cardigan

Which is your favourite? Which one should I make? Which will be interesting to make and a good staple in my wardrobe that will justify all the work?? Help help help!

Comments on a postcard…

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Products! Better Photos!

These little beauties will be going up on the shop by the weekend, but thought I’d offer you guys a sneak preview first…

Reclaimed linen, hand embroidery (by my fair fingers), lavender filled, vintage buttons… It’s only fair that such quality portrays a range of  red-hot to semi-luke-warm sentiments…

P1060187 P1060188

An addition to the ‘Dictionary Definitions’ cards will be these romantic ones, with luvey-dovey definitions on them and the festively-neutral ‘With Love’ hand stamped on each card. Do you call your special someone a pet name that could be ‘defined’ for a tongue-in-cheek Valentine?*

  P1060193 P1060194 

A better picture of the First Class Male card from the other dayAvailable here…

P1060196 P1060197

I’ll be expanding the range of embroidered hearts to sit alongside the stamped hearts and any missive that you fancy can be adorning your lavender linen heart in no time at all.

P1060191 P1060199

* Possibly a ‘too much information’ but our pet names are ‘Scrum’ (short for Scrumptious), and as the definition for scrum is:

A tight formation between the two opposing teams in readiness for the ball to be put in the tunnel between the two front rows and brought out into play

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things that are making me smile today

Pretty shoes…

Image of Crepe Lace

Crepe Lace for £49.99

Image of Henderson Way

Henderson Way for £54.99

Amazing Apron here at Blue Chair Fruit for a bargainous $40

Blue Chair Fruit Apron

With a pattern that could be used to recreate it (albeit without the lovely screenprinting) here

Line Art

Dial D for Denial – new music recording from my fabulous friend Fiona


If only I’d had pageboys…


Sailor Suit £40 from Tulip and Nettle

also loving…


Chelsea Dress in sale here

And while we’re on semi-traditional clothes that make children look ADORABLE and not mini-adults… I have finally found a source for shoes that are scrumptious, practical and don’t involve pink glitter, flashing lights or silver butterflies… Something tells me I’d better indulge myself before the little one gets an opinion of her own…

Baby Op! Kids 140055-1 ShoeBaby Op Junior 140503-1 Classic ShoeBaby Op! Kids 140054-4 ShoeBaby Op Infant 130013-3 SandalBaby Op Infant 130016-4 SandalBaby Op! Kids 140003-2 First WalkerBaby Op Toddler 130088-2 Lace-UpBaby Op Junior 140502-3 Classic Shoe

All by Baby Op via Amazon – ranging from £14 to £30… BARGAIN!!!