Thursday, August 30, 2007

Colour Pallette Generator

I had come across this site before, but I think that was before I had found a fabric from which my colour pallette was going to emanate.
Reminded by the wonderful Abby of its delights, I came up with this little wonder based on the fabric that will constitute baby bridesmaids, waistcoats and jam pot covers...

I'm pleased with the creams and deep blues that it pulled out (particularly in the bottom row) and intrigued by the grey tones which will be very useful in selecting the suits for the men... A whole different search, I'm sure.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cream cakes with a twist

The navy and cream theme continues apace. To keep the freshness and clarity of the palette, we think sticking to a cream cake with a possible navy accent may be the route to go down: pale blues just wash out the rest of the colours.

Any and all of these feel like they have a degree of individuality and interest about them, without too much fuss and deviation from the fact that they are, actually, cakes. The accent colours in ribbon or flowers could easily be replicated in icing or left as ribbon, embellished or otherwise.

Now, all I have to do is convince a dear old friend that she is up to this task!

All images from The Knot.


Further to my earlier post, I have the incredible honour of being included in the wonderfully artistic roll-call of mood boardees over at Style Me Pretty.

View me in the ranks here and vote for whomever your favourite is (I'm not biased, really) here. Thanks Abby!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I am the Mob

A very strange acronym in bride-blog land is the MOB (ie mother of the bride), beaten only by the strangest acronym of all: STD (otherwise known as Save The Dates)...

I want my MOB and my MOG to look utterly gorgeous and they both deserve the pampering and shopping trips that will guarantee this. Neither of them suit nor want the pastel sack dress with matching sack coat and fandango in their hair and so I am determined that each will find a fabulous outfit to make them feel just to the side of centre stage (tee hee!) on my wedding day.

My Mum is a gorgeous dark blond with curves and a great plumage (as my sister used to call it!). I think she would look gorgeous in a fine cashmere sweater and full taffeta skirt as modelled by Drew Barrymore above, or maybe some version of this sort of outfit from BariJay. I really like the idea of my mum in jewel colours like a deep amber/copper or maybe even a deep ruby as modelled here.

In strong contrast, my MOG is a slip of a thing with a much paler complexion and usually more comfortable in pastel shades and creams. She is very much on the petite side of the spectrum and I would love to give her an opportunity to show off her arms and calves but hide the tummy that she is becoming more aware of these days (and yet remains invisible to the naked eye!) Something tells me that convincing her to even try, let alone commit, to one of these sexy numbers will be a task in itself, but I think a slate grey or mustard gold would look beautiful on her colouring.
Grey metallic from Principles, gold silk satin from Monsoon, to be complemented by a cropped jacket in an accompanying tone to keep her covered when she wants the security of that.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Swings, Roundabouts and Bridesmaids

Meanders, faffing and loving inappropriate dresses too much has led me on something of a wild goose chase regarding my gorgeous bridesmaids. I have, however, had to concede that this gorgeous wrap-coat above is in fact the most fitting and becoming frock to clothe my beautful blond sister and my beautiful brunette best friend, in a crisp sapphire blue silk dupion.

Now, the only question abounds around what to wear underneath... Suggestions include

Vogue 8318
View A of 8280
View D (with straight straps) of 8284

And then the final decision is whether to go for a full skirt pattern like the one above or to go for something more a-line by combining the skirt and jacket of this pattern into a more slimline silhouette.

Girls? Answers on a postcard...

Moody Blues

After the blinding range of gorgeous inspirational posts over at Style Me Pretty, I was struck by how few mood boards submitted (okay, well, none) featured a navy theme.

I decided to put one together, quicksmart.

It was actually a pretty useful excercise, as the minute I put in the images of pale blue or eau-de-nil cakes or flowers that I had had stored at the back of my mind, it looked completely wrong. The trick of this theme, I think, will be keeping the colours stark and simple.
It's been a really useful (albeit brief) exercise and I think I will continue to develop and add to this image as my ideas start to consolidate.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ooh Vera!

Well, last weekend saw the first of what can only be described of 'Myself wearing very large frocks and feeling decidedly comfortable in them' sessions. Vera Wang showcased over 40 beautiful, elegant, incredibly-made of quality materials gowns in its boutique in the basement of Selfridges on Oxford Street.

My friend (P) and I were given a 'Brief Overview of the Collection' which could be reduced to here are the slinky ones and here are the big ones. We were invited to select up to six of our favourites initially and the assistant, Amanda, quietly left us to our own devices to drool and fondle the loveliness.

P found a very large dress which would not have looked out of place on the stage of the Royal Opera House. The effect of the corset on my middriff was extraordinary and, for such a voluminous skirt, remarkably slimming. It was, however, so far from 'me' as to be laughable. I flounced, and giggled, and returned to the fitting room.

The absolute favourite of the hour's consulation was undeniable:

I have loved this gown from the first moment of seeing it on the Vera Wang site about two years ago. It is Thai Silk, with two layers of silk organza, and a 'buff' sash in silk tied in a loose, asymetric bow to rear or to the side.
It probably helped that this gown came in my size (to be fair to Vera, her gowns ranged from 10-14 and there was ample preparation to shrink or expand those that weren't quite suited to your shape) and fitted me almost-glove like. Suddenly my curves were sleek and sophisticated, my waist pronounced and cinched and my shoulders elegant and expansive.

All my ravings against sleeveless gowns (ubiquitos and not suited to a November ceremony, which is where we're heading) were silenced the moment this beauty zipped up my spine. Suggestions of organza gathered shoulder caps would have solved the dilemma. I didn't care. I looked tiny. And elegant. And ethereal.

And a million dollars.

Needless to say, P cried. As it was my first frock, I was rather stunned and stood staring at the mirror at the bride in front of me.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Be my guest volume 2...

Loving the stark cleanliness of the blue and white images in both these invitations, but the red accent leans a bit towards the nautical for me. Not sure if the red accents were cream whether that would lose the beauty of the colourway. Either way, these beauties from KenzieKate really are extraordinary and her whole package of RSVPs, thank yous and guest information inserts are beautiful. See these in all their splendour and varieties of colourway at KenzieKate.

Be my guest...

Oh, but how to ask my guests to attend?

So many pretty styles, so few occassions to spread such loveliness...

All images courtesy of Hello Lucky!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Too many flowers, such a small time-frame

If you're struggling to find what flowers are in season, the ugly-yet-useful site, Fresh Roses, is for you.

This section details what flowers are available at what time of year, to ensure you stay in season and therefore in budget, when deciding on flowers for the day.

For November, white Dendrobium Orchids make me very happy, as do the Blue Delphiniums above.