Monday, March 30, 2009

When Bridalwear goes Social

Having learnt about the demanding bridesmaid in their training in New York, the Thread line has expanded its range to Thread Social to suit the variety of occasions the New Yorker demands (apparently...)

All I know is, I want ALL of their frocks.

Linen blend dress - I would love to feel the fabric - is it crisp or soft? And will the polyester blend prevent it from going limp? And in what world is this frock suitable for daywear??

And have I just contradicted my previous post regarding one shoulder frocks? Does the heee-yooge corsage rescue me from author's guilt?



This is gorgeous, but with such a high neck coupled with a high acetate content I'd be incredibly wary of sporting this with anything less than EXTRA STRONG DEODORANT on a hot summer's day...

Click through, though for the scallop detailing on the button front, echoed in the double collar.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Something more comfortable...

Further to these thoughts I came across this lovely little number while wandering...

It's handmade to your measurements out of eco-conscious bamboo velour. Turns out it may just be possible to sleep soundly and sexily...

USD$75 from Econica in Canada.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I take it back - I want to be a rich lady

Catherine Malandrino has brought me back from the precipice with a collection of mature yet playful frocks that would do for bridal parties... wedding guests... hell, any ol' kneesup! And frankly would do for a wander down a pier or two as well...

I think I'm mostly enjoying the use of ruffles. I learnt how to make the little petals on Ruth Singer's course but have until now struggled to find an application in clothing... Watch this space for the ruffling to start...

Is it wrong when you start to look at frocks and think 'Hmmmm... £600 is pretty good value??...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I want to be 7 years old

There are so many beautiful things in the shops right now and I'm not talking for grownups.

Oh how I wish I were a little girl again... I so want to be able to wear this...

And this...

Oh my goodness... and this

Ho hum... 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Other slogans that make me smile

After reading about the ubiquity of a certain poster that I fell in love with just moments before the rest of the nation joined me, I'm enjoying the rash of similar but different imagery that is following suit.

£30 by Bodie & Fou at Not on the High Street

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Couldn't say it better myself...


The Daniel Craig was on our wedding list, but I'm now hankering after this one too. Domestic Goddesses have to have teatowels that make them smile, don't they??

Also coveting this one:

Methinks my sister, poised to emigrate to the US (unless, of course, I can convince her that I am worth staying here for!), may have to be given this little gem.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pronovias Preview

Looks like asymmetric is all the rage next season...


Not sure I'm a big fan... I'm always a bit anxious that it may date before the photos are back from the photographer!

I'm afraid I'm firmly entrenched in the high necks and sleeves that I ended up choosing...


Segovia 2009


From top:

Gabriella and Cher (2010 preview collection)

Segovia and Senegal (2009 collection)

All can be seen at their website.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is...


...learning how to make meringues...


...walking through a graveyard and smiling inspite of the tombstones at the beckoning signs of spring...


...joyously embracing London's wonder when a friend invites you to a grand old music theatre that is on its last legs (physically) but still thriving (theatrically)...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Honeymooning Day 12 Thursday - LAST DAY!

IMG_1916Our last day as official honeymooners dawned grey and dark with a power cut overnight having us shower in the black. All restored for breakfast in Le Ballon Rouge's restaurant area where a chance encounter with an unidentified male (guest? owner? neighbour?) gave a suggestion and reservation for lunch. Apparently we revealed ourselves as Cap Cognoscenti (!) rather than tourists and thus a dining 'experience' was promised.

We packed and departed at 10am with five hours until we were required at the airport for our trip home.

IMG_1920 IMG_1958 IMG_1924 IMG_1935

A meandering drive through the winelands with a desperate and persistent sun finally breaking through the drizzle. A spontaneous and very pleasant stop at seemingly tourist trap Boschendal preempted the imminent coachloads (what's wrong with winetasting at 11am?) to give ample chance for touring the manor house, rose gardens, herbery and cellars. The Boy spied a HUGE pair of stunning hand-blown wine glasses and after not inconsiderable deliberation we returned to purchase and begin and long and delicate hand luggage journey back to St Albans.


Lunch at the booked 96 Winery Road was FABULOUS. Gorgeous food, painfully reasonable and a 'wine flight' menu of 4 course-matched wines for 50rand (about £6). Scrumptious. Got my whisky cheesecake to go (!) as I was far to full but unwilling to pass up dessert.

IMG_1977 IMG_1984

A sunny and brief drive to the airport, returning car and the beginning of 20 hours in the air. Tipsy Helen trying to hold onto the last few moments during the drive to the airport. I don't think it shows that I've been drinking at lunchtime at all,does it??


Honeymoons for us no more...


This is definitely not an ending. Among many favourite moments, up at the top has to be munching melt-in-the-mouth calamari at Knysna harbour, drinking Fat Bastard with the manager chatting to us. When we mentioned it was our 'weekaversary', he smiled: 'That makes sense. We thought there was a bit of a glow around you two.'

Monday, March 16, 2009

Honeymooning Day 11 Wednesday

Woken by driving rain and winds as the phone rang our wakeup call at 5.30am. The drive would go ahead if we wanted it and it seemed the Boy did!! Broad grins, Dutch courage and all our warm clothes on our backs, we headed up for coffee and rusks for 6am.

The Boy wore:

  • 2xtrousers
  • 2xt-shirts
  • long sleeved shirt
  • short sleeved shirt
  • wool jumper
  • cotton jumper
  • anorak
  • scarf

I wore:

  • camisole vest
  • 2 of the Boy's T-shirts
  • 3/4 length sleeve top
  • Hoodie
  • Cotton cardigan
  • Scarf
  • 2xsocks
  • 2xtrousers
  • Hiking boots

IMG_1896The four other guests decided to stay in their beds so we had Jamie the ranger to ourselves. A combination of female delicacy and threats of potential tantrums got me the front passenger seat with windshield, protected legs and heating fans. Lucky for me as my glasses were rendered useless in moments by the rain. Richard took a rear seat in blankets, ponchos and we set off to hunt for the elusive rhino and hippo.

Almost immediately, two lionesses with a kill were spotted in the south of the park so we 'put foot' to see the young ladies: Jamie guessed they were no more than 14 months old. A hyena by this time had come along to forage and watching the three interact in total silence with body language was extraordinary. The hyena managed to steal of leg of the impala kill before being chased off and so we left them to their breakfast. Off again, quick comfort stop for coffee then on the road again.


Eventually we decided that the rhino and hippo had evaded us entirely. On our way back for breakfast a radio announcement came through of elephants spotted on the side road by Bayethe. Spent an enchanting 20minutes watching them feed then reluctantly returned to camp for breakfast, change, pack and depart.

IMG_1905 Scrumptious breakfast of french toast, salmon and poached egg with fresh mango juice then a hot outdoor shower. Packed ready for collection for 11am.


Our transfer driver clocked that we had plenty of time to get to the airport so we took us via a small tour of her township outside PE. In truth, her tour raised more questions than it answered but was certainly humbling. The Boy and I are determined to investigate the civic and social history and structure to try to learn more about it all.

Quick and easy transfer flight back to Cape Town to greet the worst thunderstorms endured by the South Coast in 30 years. Driving rain, thunder and lightening pummelled a gray drive to Franschhoek in the winelands for our last night away.


Cute B&B but persistent and torrential downfall required a speedy dinner selection system. A basic pizza and salad felt somewhat sacrilegious in the culinary heart of SA but we were shattered and had packed a lot in from a 5am start. Staggered into bed by 10pm.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honeymooning Day 10 Tuesday

IMG_1796Instead of the 5.30am call we opted for an all day safarai so got to breakfast at 7.45. Blinis and apple sauce for me, an eggless special for the Boy plus freshly made muffins. On the road by 8.30am for the great animal search, on the trail of a lioness almost immediately and eventually found and followed her as she called to find her pups. Incredible diaphragm use and nothing like any of the roaring we've head before.


Then, on the search for rhino, we happened upon a serval...somewhere between a leopard, cheetah and tiger with stripes and spots and incredibly rare.

IMG_1818 IMG_1777

Stop for elevenses and hot chocolate and brandy (the misty rain starting to seep into our very beings), coffee and rusks, then on the road again. The weather was getting worse and as our jeep is entirely open at the sides, the speeds of rain and the jeep made everyone soaking wet. We ploughed on in fetching poncho-stylee.


IMG_1867 In searching still further for rhino we came across a family of giraffe: one cheeky bull giraffe, two babies and three females. The bull pranced around in front of us for 20 minutes at least, showing us his horns on nearby bushes and generally strutting his stuff.



Picnic lunch as the rain cleared to reveal the German couple on our jeep to be completely soaked through in the front seats. A final hunt for hippo fruitless and the driving rain returned us to the lodge for 3pm. Warm baths, hot chocolate and wine took us through to the evening buffet spread at dinner of salads, soups and meats galore. Traditional South African desserts were incredibly tasty and will definitely be trying them out at home.

Bed by 10pm, determined to be up for 5.30am morning drive. Bed turned down again for our return from dinner (bliss!). We kept the heater on to keep out the night chill from the tent.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stitching my feelings


The Boy's Valentine's present... a felted jumper stitched onto leftover linen. Nothing speaks from the heart like thrift...


And now the Boy is watching what he says... bringing a whole new meaning to the word pillowtalk. Note also my current obsession creeping into the soft furnishings... Yoyos are taking over my life, my wardrobe and my front room. And I love it! 

I am now a little in love with this... do we think it's too big a project to consider??