Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Although I love it, it was really just too big, and so I’ve sadly decided to frog it. The sizing stipulates that, with the batwing, it ‘functions as a traditional bust size x’…. I didn’t, however, take into account that my bust is large in relation to my waist, and should have probably gone for a bust size smaller than usual… My fault entirely…
Luckily I’ve got a lovely mum who is willing to re-knit it and prevent the depressing horridness of going back to square one… I love oversized, but this image taken by a friend at a hen do this weekend guaranteed that it just had to go….
Hey ho.
Live & learn!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy crafts... Terrible photos

As per usual, I’ve been stitching away and neglecting the blog of late…

However, it’s been fun to get some good crafting hours under my belt/machine/needles, so I’m not too apologetic, really, I’m afraid!

Top left is a the most basic skirt I’ve ever made and I LOVE it! The fabric is a border-print of snowdrops that was found by Tilly’s Great Grandmother in her ‘leftover fabrics from curtains made in the 60s’ cupboard which I seamed into a rectangle, hemmed and then threaded elastic through. Tilly loves it and the subdued pallete goes with a lot of her more shall-we-say ‘vivacious’ tops…

Top right is the Fisherman’s Top from the May issue of Making magazine, designed by the lovely Suzanne Rowland. I got in touch with her to decide sizing as there was no indication in the magazine as to what measurements the S, M and L equated to… I chose the Large and I was concerned about positive ease etc, as it was supposedly Small 34″ bust, Medium 38″ and Large 42″but in the end, took an inch off each side seam (though not arm seam – as these were ungraded, they fit just fine off the pattern)… The fabric is a vibrant-yet-muddy green. Not my usual colour shade, but with a Liberty Tana Lawn trim, it goes with a load of brightly coloured jeans and I’ve already worn it three times. It works just perfectly with this in-betweeny-not-quite-summer weather we’ve been having…

Tilly is sporting a simple top-down raglan made from a bag of ball-ends of Rowan linen-silk yarn. It was a case of ball of cotton for the bodice, join under the arms and knit in the round until the yarn runs out. The Owlet on the right is for a bump-in-the-oven and I’m hoping to find (or make) a pastel-based tartan skirt to go with it now that I know the bump is to be of the pink variety.

Finally, some present-stashing. The left Old Shale Cowl is for Tilly’s preschool teacher out of some thrifted yarn I found for £1 and the right is a Camp Out fingerless mitts pattern made for an international swap… The fact that the person who was picked to swap with me lives twenty minutes away in the neighbouring town is rather amusing, but at least we get to meet next week for a coffee and a swap-in-person…

In other news, I’ve managed to complete Jumper Number 5 of my International Sweater a Month Dodecathalon – more details when I’ve had a chance to model a few pictures… And you never know, I may just get the decent camera out and do it properly for you….

Stitching with Cath

Cath Kidson's St Albans store has begun a monthly craft night. With cupcakes. And Cath fabrics to play with. With lovely people. In their store. 

What's not to like?!
Two hours later and even I was surprised at my productivity. Turns out the promise of using the materials in front of you for one night only doesn't half speed up your stitching rate!

Two needle cases with a hand stitched charm about them... Will now be production lining these for the present stash...  And maybe even for a giveaway or two... Watch this space...

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A lovely birthday party!

Happy stitching.

Happy printing.

Happy drawing and sewing and beading and threading.

And most of all, lots of cake!

34-IMG_9082.1 01-IMG_8561 06-IMG_8628.1 16-IMG_8742.1

And a lovely little write-up of the event here too…

 29-IMG_8929 08-IMG_8657

Thanks to the gorgeous people at the Courtyard Cafe for hosting and the gorgeous Georgie for taking the photos too. Over £100 raised in two hours for a wonderful charity.