Friday, June 29, 2012

Strawberry Pots forever

P1090802P1090801 P1090799

A lovely crop beckons from our little pot of strawberries out in the garden. Thanks to Granny to providing the summer entertainment which is providing many and various opportunities to confirm colour names. Tilly is adamant that the ENTIRE plant is red and ready at all times and needs significant convincing that there may in fact be green elements to it occasionally.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crafting with unofficial materials Part Two

Part One here

My surfing and meandering through the long and expansive halls of the internet has unearthed this lovely range of little wonders: all available online and through the joys of Ravelry, with the exception of two books which are particularly floating my boat this week:

Uncommon Crochet and

Knitting Green: Conversations and Plant-friendly Projects

Suffice to say, they are now on my wishlist and have inspired all manner of pretty things on my needles (the imaginary ones in my head, of course. I’ve already got about 8 WIPs going already)…

And so, without further ado… the patterns… Will be sharing my progress on one or other of these in the near future… Let the string hooky commence…

Helen Limbrick’s Twine basket

Alice Merlino’s Starling Bag

Erika Knight’s Knitted Baskets

Kim Hamlin’s On the Go Bike Basket Purse from the lovely looking Knitting Green: Conversations and Planet Friendly Projects

Flower Burst bag pattern by Yasmin Gamal

Abigail Bailey’s Summery Jute Bag

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crafting with Unofficial Materials

No matter where you look, there is inspiration to be found. There are bits and bobs all around your house that are just waiting to be purloined and repurposed, as I have found to my delight on the wonderful ‘From Trash to Treasures’ group on Ravelry.

I’ve had a thought for a while of making placemats out of parcel string for my parents’ house. Their dining table is in a conservatory and placemats always fade in an instant when exposed to such constant and strong sunshine. The ‘outside-in’ elemnt of string placemats has also piqued my interest…

However, a basic search of patterns yielded nothing at all. I think this is most likely because the ‘yarn’ doesn’t exist as an official individual catalogued yarn and therefore it’s difficult to pin down…I then remembered that I can search by projects and so hunted for ‘twine’ in projects.

Wowsers what a source of inspiration and wonder…

Bufordsmom’s Crochet bags

Catfluff’s Deluxe String Bag with gorgeous trim applique

Yarnyday’s beaded placemat

Wubbahed’s Jute-a-long Handbag

PumeZA Doily Rug

Ikasatka's pot&glass-holder

RaeA’s Messenger Bag with extraordinary handles – you can read more about her work here

KellyLane6’s Round Cushion with string, rather than twine

Mocakava’s Miragamo bag with leather handles specifically commissioned from a local craftsman for such a fabulously professional finish.

A post on patterns and other official routes to achieve this gorgeous look to follow… :-)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thanks for the mention!

Lovely Studio Parlay chose my handprinted teatowels to feature in her Friday Folksy roundup!

How very splendid!


Get yours here, and don’t forget that you can have ANYTHING YOU LIKE printed on the towels – quotes, poems, ceremony readings or even just a simple little one-liner that makes you (or the recipient) smile…

Thanks Danielle and happy crafting!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

World Wide Knit in Public Day picture…

Wine tasting was excellent.

I'm test-knitting a shrug for buttons and beeswax and was delighted to discover this morning that there were no glaring mistakes in my tipsy stitching.

Will upload projects notes to Ravelry once I’ve finished the project – should be shortly as I’ve promised it by the end of the month… eek!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Today, as I’m sure you’re aware, is highly prized on all international holiday calendars. I’m sure Hallmark has a range of cards to support it. I’m sure you’ve sent your felicitations and have celebrated in all the time honoured traditions… What?? You mean you don’t know?? Goodness me…

Today… is … World Wide Knit In Public Day.

WWKIPday logo

I’m off to the Peahen to join in a winetasting evening with my fellow St Albans Stitch n Bitchers with yarn in hand, a combination I’m sure you agree is guaranteed to end well… Photos, wine reviews and pictures of ever-more-wonky knitting to follow…

Friday, June 08, 2012

Feeling friendly!?

Come over and find me here:

I’ve finally got on the job and created a ‘social networking’ presence – I’ll be highlighting new workshops, new sales listings and general chatter there – it’d be great to see you around!


The Chateau of Princes

P1090760 P1090666

The incredibly imposing and vast estate of the Chateau de Conde was the setting for the wedding that took the Boy and I over to sunny France over the jubilee weekend. We were sad to miss the extended and exciting celebrations, not least of all the street party that I had to pass on to other neighbours to organise this time. However, it was hard not to forget the British jubilations in such splendour and celebrations as we experienced on the south side of the Channel…P1090672P1090684

Waiting before the service in front of the glorious Chateau, then walking over to the village of Vallery’s church before the service… The bridesmaids and exceedingly cute flower girls were dressed from Monsoon, though they don’t seem to be available anymore on the site.


The groom is a Major in the Marines so there were plenty of uniforms to feast your eyes upon as well, if you were able to tear your glances away from the stunning bride. My friend runs marathons for FUN (I know, I don’t understand that sentence, either) and my the figure she gets from such ridiculous activity shows! An utterly stunning lace and silk dress with whispy train and floating veil for the church.  P1090703 P1090747

A knight in shining armour was demanded by the bride, and one of the groomsmen obliged with full regalia.

P1090752The dinner that followed was delicious, finished off with the scrumptious cake cut by no less than the Sword of Galahad, not to be confused with the Sword of Gryffindor… Two very different weapons…

The cake was by a friend of the bride, who I later discovered was no less than Rachel of Rachelle’s Cakes, one of the contributors to the Natural Wedding Book and a guest speaker at the upcoming Cake and Bake Show in September. I will do a separate post on her creations, but I can confirm that her cakes are even more delicious than they look.

All in all, an utterly splendid way to spend a few days in the sunshine. I’m sure her Maj won’t mind too much that we missed her party.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

En vacances…


Gorgeous gardens behind the Cathedral in the scrumptious town of Sens…


P1090663 P1090661

Pretty streets and ancient buildings in the Sens central avenues…

P1090641P1090645 P1090646P1090650 

Silly faces pulled on our holiday home steps in the Fountainebleau Forest…

A lovely time with sufficiently few pictures to prove it. It must have been relaxing!