Friday, May 18, 2007

In Search of the Blue Bridesmaid

While surfing on The Knot last night, I was amazed by the lack of bridesmaids sporting the colourscheme I have in mind. The lavender/hyacinth/hydrangea blue was all over, but the strong, brilliant blue I thought? Not so much.

So I hopped on over to Watters to see their offerings. Amazingly, I had to scour. I know that they make up each dress in about 40 colours, but photos of any dress in my blue were harder to find than hen's teeth. This one is ok, but not particularly inspiring.

I resorted to Net A Porter. This rather dashing, shapely, elegant frock is in just the colour I love. As long as the day is sunny but not blindingly bright, these will clearly be blue and not potentially black dresses. God bless 3.1 Phillip Lim.

This gun metal blue colour is also a possible, as long as it went towards the grey and not the lavender end of the spectrum. I'm either going for blue and white ming vase or wedgwood porcelain. I'm torn which way yet, but watch this space...

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