Friday, April 25, 2008

The Priory, Little Wymondley

The Barn is chosen. The date is set. The site is beautiful and not pretending to be anything other than a great big enormous barn.
Check out the website here and believe me when I say that the images do not get close to the scale and grandeur of the raw beams and the uneven flagstone floors.
I'm going back tomorrow with my mum and my florist/my mum's best friend to see it again and measure up.

More pictures to follow...




Have finally been purchased.

The cream version of these.

I'm very pleased with myself.

And honestly shan't bother you about them again.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tacking Bridesmaids...

ruthThat would be tacking not tacky... That is, tacking the dresses together.

Silk arrived in all its glory.

Pattern got ordered.

Toile in black linen was tried on by bridesmaid No 1. Strap issues noted, along with note to self to not photograph a dark dress against a dark stairway...

full lengthFirst mock-up made in the actual sapphire silk to take to Bridesmaid No 2 (also Sis No 1) in the US next week. As she's a smidgen smaller than me, I was able to try hers on me while clenching everything possible. Note the ruckles around the posterior where it just would not budge an inch lower... Hmmmmm....

Had slight issue with the shoulder pieces as the sharpness of the angle seems to be much exagerrated on the pattern envelope. Have recut the straps a few times and pinning managed to achieve this look.

I think it's getting there, don't you?


NB 1: You should note the wedding planning timeline on the door in the background. Wedding planners aren't just 9-5 dontcha know?

NB 2: Excuse the Sunday Chic. Gardening + walk in the country + photographs on world wide web = not a great look.

Highlights of the 'List'

Gotta love Wrapit. Such a brilliant setup and such pretty things!

Pale Blue Hooped Mugcranberry

Mugs from Burleigh

filets bleu

Dinner service in Filets Bleu from Gien

With serving pieces in a more floral pattern called Hortensia

blue napkins

White linen napkins with blue embroidered edge...

And William Bounds 'Love' pepper and salt set to accent the scheme.pepper

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


mum sideA wonderful day with my Mum today in fair Warwick. We came across a little boutique which stocked Victoria Ann fascinators. Sadly it seems that this is a wholesale only milliners: I'm going to do some legwork and see if I can't beg borrow or something from their West End store.

In the meantime, I'm looking around to see if we can recreate the fandango below in colours more approaching her dress fabric which is Olive Green and Navy Blue.

Laura Cutler Millinery

Laura Cutler Skye Feather Fascinator

A Touch of Class

I'm getting quite excited that this may be eminently possible...

Does anyone have any experience of making or commissioning a fascinator that could advise?

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Work is underway on my beautiful hair adornments. I've just received this gorgeous update photo from the wonderfully accommodating Betsy of The Foundling and can't wait to get my hot little hands on them!!

wedding poppies

In line with my sapphire and pearl theme, we've replaced the black beads in the centre for 'found' pearls and I'm loving the variety that she's managed to track down. Betsy reckons we may even get these in the post by the end of the week.

Can hardly contain my excitement!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pimp my pumps

After the sensible shoe moment, I came across these heels on the inspirational boards of The Bride's Cafe. I tell you what, if that website produced actual coffee and cake from the screen, I would never get an ounce of work done...It occurs to me that I could pimp my heels in a similar fashion to the above, where the bride glued her own bow adornment to the toe to add a bit of jzuzj. Wouldn't that just be the touch that the below sensible plain heels need to move them into the next zone of pretty away from functional and sensible? I'm off at lunch to try them on... for only £40, what's not to like?