Monday, May 14, 2007

The fabric stash increases....

Cabbages and Roses fabrics from £20 per metre

Anyone who reads my blog will know the dressmaking pile of "to-make" grows daily... I hope it goes without saying that the images I am storing here are merely inspirational for the creations that will flow from my mother's and my sewing machines when the Boy and I get around to getting wed.

I love the idea of introducing print to our wedding through the waistcoats and baby bridesmaids dresses, and perhaps through piping or something in the bouquets or venue decor. If the blue and white theme stands, these gorgeous swatches are just whetting my appetite for the gnarly country linens that are awaiting my delectation in boutiques across the capital.

At upwards of £20 a metre, they're not going to be cheap to mass produce the necessaries, but it will work out a damn sight cheaper than buying off-the-peg retail.

Just you wait, I've not even started looking at patterns properly yet. Hands-on wedding design? You betcha.

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