Friday, May 11, 2007

To err is human, to give, divine...

Wedding lists are a tricky subject with me. While I understand that most couples these days have already filled their cupboards with duplicate homewares and may have even set up home to live in sin before the big day (*blush*) and so their wants are specific and personal, I still have a slight bugbear with invitations that contain 'requests' for gifts or directions to find a list of gifts. The implication, to me, is that you are invited on the basis that you bring or order a gift as detailed herein. It just grates with me.

The other issue that I have is that I don't want to own what most department stores offer. I don't want the latest plain white china set by Wedgwood, Nigella or Jamie. I want Andrew Tanner flock mugs, a few Blak and Blum candelabra and perhaps some pots for the garden. I bought myself an antique canteen of cutlery and I don't need another. I would like plush towels and maybe a few new bedding sets, but I would rather buy from an up-and-coming British designer than Debenhams. Having said that, Laura Ashley - does she count as up and coming?

My point is, it is a tricky subject. I think what we're going to do is set up a website to be detailed in the invitation which will have all the details about local hotels, driving and public transport directions, dress codes and the wedding registry details will be there.

And when I set up the registry, it will be somewhere that can access new work. New designers, unusual items and handmade beauty. And it won't be the highstreet.

Faves so far include wrapit, hiddenart, notonthehighstreet and imagini.

What are your thoughts on this potentially sticky subject?

The image at the top is from the delectable Paporganics which specialises in environmentally aware giftwrap. I'm personally loving their natural ribbons. The colour selection is just beautiful.

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