Monday, July 16, 2007

Blue Baby Bridesmaids

Beautiful variations on the tulle puffball are always worth keeping an eye out for. I love these crisp, elegant styles that retain a lovely innoncence about them. The print/smock toile at the bottom is possibly my favourite... Oh, but the Southampton Jacket.... And the checked silk...

How many flower girls am I allowed again?

Southampton Jacket Pagalina dress Chanel dress

Checked Flower Girl Dress

Dress by Simonetta at Brides Magazine

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pale Pink Bridesmaid Cuteness

So pretty... so delicate... so sugary sweet that you wish you were that little too...

If you can't quite bear the sacharine brilliance of them, they could be a subtle way to introduce a highlight colour to a monochrome or brown and cream based pallette...

Autograph Occasions Lace Princess Dress

Lace Princess Dress

Diamond Quilted Silk Dress

Floral Embroidered Sash Linen Dress

Sash Linen Dress

Tiered Floral Print Dress

Tiered floral print dress: for the wedding on a tropical beach...