Monday, January 28, 2013

Fresh Modern and Fabulously Made!

Having been brought up on a rounded diet of dressmaking and quilts, I have a healthy respect for the traditions and stories behind patterns and structures of patchwork. Living around the corner from Bird in Hand, and having a quilting teacher for a mum ensured I am well versed in the Bear’s Paws, Ohio Stars and Double Weddings Rings abundant in textiles history.

The only resulting glitch is anxiety about stepping far from that well trod path and playing with the artform…

This lovely little number is in its final stages to be finished in time for a good friend’s 31st birthday, in lieu of an appropriately grand 30th present! I’m going to claim that the pressie is an embodiment of our relationship: eclectic, slightly wonky and made even more colourful with a glass of wine or three!


Others, however, seldom create such ‘organic’ stitches… either by time, by skills, or by design:

image image

 image image

 Owl by Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle

White and Stripes by Patchwork Notes

Square Lawn by Sew Much To Do

Grey with Rick Rack by TwistedSister#5

And then a few ‘in progress’ ideas too…

image image

image image

Circles on Linen Baby quilt by Blooming Poppies

Trying out layouts by Stefanie Dean

On reflection, maybe these designs aren’t all that modern and unusual after all… Maybe it’s just a brightness to the prints… But then, if my textiles history knowledge is anything to go by, the Victorian quilts were just as vibrant (or garish, depending on your point of view) with the influx of new dyes. It’s just that those very same dyes are wont to fade. Quickly. And leave things looking old and dull.

image image

Dutch Quilt Cat’s fabulous double-sided family quilt from 1610 – nearly 400 years old… Extraordinary.

And who said traditional would necessarily be dull anyway…?


s.o.t.a.k. handmade

Just a fabulous children’s room… Such great colours – bright and fun without being garish and over-stimulating. How gorgeous.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pastels, Peaches and Cream

Loving the beginnings of the Reiss 2013 Spring Summer collections… As ever, all hidden details and elegant cutting…

image image image

Jolie drape-back top :: Rachel Red Gathered Dress :: Brio Printed Tie-Sided dress


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Toast Spread the Style once more…

Utterly splendid Toast has unleashed its Spring 2013 collection and once again, the understated style, the elegant shapes and the timeless class that just exudes from every piece has blown me away again…

Sadly my pennies do not stretch to purchases, so it’ll be half-baked attempts at re-creation on my sewing machine that I’ll be offering you over the coming months…

These ones certainly piqued my interest and have led me diving into my stash and pattern drawers to discover more…

image image image

Silk/Linen Gena Coat :: Viscose Martha Top :: Silk Twill Ellen Dress

image image image

Cotton Lace Genevieve Top :: Straight Leg Jean :: Cyd Skirt

I’ve been having lots of fun exploring the Colette Sewing book and also trying out the Juniper trouser pattern (which I’ll be making in denim too to emulate the above pair of trou’s shortly)… So far have a gorgeous pair of corduroy slacks and a Pastille dress to share, as well as a Meringue skirt to start on too… Watch this space as normal blogging resumes after a slight holiday hiatus…

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year New Recipes

I've been enjoying experimenting with recipes so far this year. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's vegetarian collection and a Leith's Meat cooking guide came with Sunday papers and I'm working my way through... Successes include Kale and Mushroom lasagna, Lamb and butter bean stew and Aubergine and Quinoa salad.

Tilly also enjoyed making a apricot and raspberry bread and butter pudding which suited our wintry wonderland just perfectly!