Saturday, May 26, 2007

Eye Candy Anthony

I've blogged about these lovely creations before, but it occurs to me that these dresses would work beautifully in a country setting. The cut, colour and fabrics are luxurious enough to not feel cheated, yet the cropped length will make sure you don't end up with dirt, grass stains and unmentionables dragging behind you and your trailing skirt.

Candy Anthony dresses

I also love the vintage/retro 1950s vibe which is just enough of a nod and not a full on costume.

Grab your petticoats and form an orderly queue...

Candy Anthony Dresses

Scuse the dots across the top of the picture: it was taken through the window of his boutique in the Oxo Tower!

Candy Anthony

While drafting this post, I discovered his recently updated website, now with better and more images. Go feast your eyes.

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Candy Anthony is a her not a your homework!