Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So much frockery, so many nappy changes…

And then on the baby-front, Monsoon has once again come up trumps, and once again exploded the myth that baby clothes should offer ‘value for money’…

Delightful but decadent favourites include…

A range of South Asia / South Pacific inspired woodblock prints and quilted cottons

Baby Girl Jocelyn Jacket

Jocelyn jacket at £26

Baby Girl Wendy Woodblock Blouse

Wendy Woodblock blouse £16

Baby Girl Wendy Woodblack Skirt

Wendy woodblock skirt £16

Baby Girl Wendy Woodblock Dress

Wendy Woodblock dress £26

And this swimsuit – which just lives in a world all its very own…

Baby Girl Rebecca Print Swimsuit

Rebecca print swimsuit £12

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