Monday, February 28, 2011

Now for something a little bit different


Pleated Smocked Dress Ivory & Red

*pretty frocks*

Polka Dot Silk Party Dress Ivory & Red

*that aren’t from the high street*

Polka Dot Sailor Dress Blue

*that are swirly and twirly and elegant and childish and grownup*

Floral Embroidered Dress Ivory & Yellow

*and would work for guests, flower girls, bridesmaids and mini-hangers-on*

Scalloped Dress Periwinkle Blue & Ivory

*and are hand-made and designed by British designer Rachel Riley*

Classic Ribbon Dress Ivory & Blue

*and are such stuff as dreams are made on*

Pleated Party Dress Coral

*and range from £59 to £139*

Cherry Ruffle Dress Multi Coloured

*and are available here and through links on the pictures*

Coral Embroidered Dress Ivory & Coral

*and make me want to be eight years old again*

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