Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So much frockery, so little time…

From Anthropologie

Endless lengths dress £118

Irresistible Maxi dress £148

From Monsoon, with love

Kelly Dress

Kelly dress £110 – this was merchandised in the shop window with a coral pink cropped cardigan. Fabulous colour palette. Not sure why I’m loving the grey shades so much at the moment – but with the pops of colour, it’s just so satisfying!

Bloom Dress

Bloom dress £85

Keira Print Grey Dress

Kiera dress £75

Hmmm…. If it were for me, for a wedding in the UK, I would argue that the price differential would be justified in guaranteeing that you would not be wearing a gorgeous, but worryingly ubiquitous and ‘spottable’ item, as a Monsoon frock, to an English nuptial…

But either way, they’re all just gorgeous…

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