Monday, September 05, 2011

Baking and Creating

Recent makes include:

P1070884 P1070883

ipod Cosy from Mollie Makes gift-pack, made for lovely friend’s birthday pressie


Triple Salted Caramel Cupcakes with a good friend


Mending a Victorian velvet cushion with charity-shop velvet patches…’after shot’ to follow…


New baby quilt for born-today Nieve! Congratulations all!

P1080183 P1080173

Mastering the ‘top-down raglan in one’ construction with Linda’s cute eyelet patternP1080001 P1080003

Coconut Meringue Roulade and Pear & Chocolate cupcakes to take along to a …

P1080024 P1080009

Pizza and Pottery afternoon at the home of the fabulous Charlotte Storrs!


Savoury Picnic Bread made vegetarian with mozzarella, spinach and onion….


And even little people have been getting creative…

P1080177 P1080038

First ever decorating-cakes-with-Mummy session and first ever millinery creation…

To quote Miranada’s mum… SUCH FUN!

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