Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunny Days and Smiley Cards

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A lovely birthday

A milestone reached

A new pair of sandals in which to reach the next milestones!

A fabulous card from the little sis… enclosing a list of 30 of some of the ‘fabulous achievements’ from my life thus far… To confirm: this is not from me so I can write this with irony/modesty as they are not my words, but from elsewhere!

  1. Your lovely daughter…
  2. Rocking dungarees and clogs 10 years before Alexa Chung
  3. Bagging a Doctor (queue ‘i can’t believe I’m marrying a doctor’ from Beaches)
  4. Knitting a cardigan a day for #1
  5. BA Hons First
  6. Click Click STOMP Click Click STOMP aka Best Tap Routine ever!
  7. Rocking Mad Men chic before Mad Men
  8. MA
  9. TOES
  10. Selling actual things to actual people through the actual internet web thingy
  11. Cycling in London (mentallist)
  12. Having a wonderfully exotic accent that even Sam West couldn’t place
  13. Passing your driving test while 8 months pregnant
  14. Being the family encyclopedia on Shakespeare
  15. Wearing yellow eyeshadow
  16. Organising the PERFECT wedding
  17. Flying across the Atlantic with a 5 month old baby
  18. Year Book Editor
  19. Keeping said Doctor in baked goods on a daily basis
  20. Climbing Maccu Piccu
  21. Growing really long hair for perfect wedding
  22. Raising money for Maccu Piccu
  23. Being a wonderfully caring and fabulous friend
  24. Having a wedding dress with POCKETS
  25. Having purple/mahogany hair while still in school
  26. Introducing me to talking weird (see #12), fashion (#2), makeup (#15), hairstyles from Sliding Doors (#25), dancing (#6), and safety first at the poolside (#9)…
  27. Storming the blogosphere
  28. Knitting yourself a migraine (your hubbie’s words-love it!)
  29. Secretly being the buyer/trendspotter/trendsetter for Anthropologie, Hobbs, Clarks, The White Company and Space NK
  30. Being a fricking awesome sister and friend who is TURNING 30!!!!!!!

What better present could a person get?!

Gotta love family. Thanks, Cate.

On my way out to drinks, so will post this and then rush off to a cocktail bar, then drunkenly edit this and add links etc later. That will end well, I’m sure. PS Today’s Cake: Lemon Meringue Cake by Nigella. Yum. That’s all I need to say.

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Katherine said...

Happy birthday! What a fabulous list.