Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making Children’s Presents

In my continued attempts to make all presents this year, I’ve been enjoying the daily inspiration provided by internet wonders… These little tutorials are currently making me very happy and will no doubt form part of my ‘to do’ list before the glut of Christmas and 2 and 3 year old birthdays that begins in November…

A little book of vintage paper crafts and paper dolls – tutorials and printables courtesy of Chez Beeper Bebe.

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but I’m definitely going to be making one of these for the Tilster for Christmas… Fabric dollshouse/carrycase from UK Lass in the US


Dressing up wings from Small Magazine – the vintage floral instead of spangly sparkly polyester just make them so elegant and refined – not a word you usually use with reference to children’s dressing up clothes!

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