Saturday, April 30, 2011

Right up my street… (snarf, snarf)


Don’t look now but I may have ticked another accomplishment off my list… The street party yesterday went fabulously and here is a little taste of the day…

My cupcakes were gorgeously tasting, quite prettily decorated (those will be engagement rings on the bottom row) but sadly came away from the street bakeoff empty-handed…

Preparations started at 9.30 with bunting ago-go and the under 8s of the street rapidly realising there was a playground on their doorstep!!

 P1070043 P1070044  

Soon the garden furniture was out, the barbeque was list, the sound system was installed and, to the dulcet tones of the Andrews Sisters and Aretha Franklin, the drinking and cake judging began…P1070065 P1070068 P1070072  

P1070080  P1070106

Fun and games included Giant Jenga and facepainting!







P1070086  P1070094  P1070052

By the end of the day, a very strung-out and hyperactive Tilly had enjoyed herself to the bitter end and took a very reluctant bath to remove all traces of sidewalk-chalk, hot dog, cake and orange squash from her hair…

P1070107  P1070119

So that Mummy could return the clear-up, congratulate her partner in crime and get herself a well-earned cup of tea!


All these pictures perfectly sum up a lovely day and a very ad-hoc homespun kinda party… This picture, though, taken by a much more talented snapper neighbour, makes the whole thing look much more stylish!

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