Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Online inspiration: Children’s Gifts

Having had a number of birthdays for little people recently, and bringing my rampant distrust of plastic ‘badness’ to bear on the poor defenceless little blighters, I have found a wealth of prettiness on the web which doesn’t cost the earth.


Childlife CookBook to inspire home baking



Artist Teaset to inspire ‘eating’ – Tilly has been taught that any vessel should be held aloft with the pronouncement of “Cheers” followed by noisy supping… An important life-skill, particularly for a person of quarter-Irish blood…


Repeating Toadstools Greeting cards (see their online shop for wallpapers, invitations, thank you notes and other gloriously fabulous paper goods) by Helen Gordon

TUMTUM Snack Pots

And then, one of the most useful little pressies we’ve been given: a set of snack boxes. They’re perfect for out and about snacks, they are bright and colourful and so easy to match together in what is currently my ‘oh good god, the tupperware is forming an army and is going to attack me at any moment’ cupboard… Bargainously less than £10 from minimarmalade here.

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