Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent Busy-ness

Getting through a lovely commission for a good friend, via her husband, for a ‘Cotton’ anniversary preset. Two cushions with their initial letters on, to go with the decor of their new bedroom. Fabby!


Exploring the local attraction with the little one and marvelling at the flutter-byes.


Starting new projects with abandon, while I finish up old projects.


Baking ago-go for a baby shower for a fabulous friend.


Getting hot and bothered watching other people get hot and bothered…

P1060823   P1060827

Hunting, searching and scoffing…

P1060976 P1060999 

Boozy puds ago-go… TiaMaria Tiramisu and Pimms Jelly!


And last but not least… trying Cake Pops for the very first time!


Needless to say… they were just to Madam’s liking…

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