Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking to the past for inspiration

If the modern pattern books aren’t helping in your hunt for wedding dress designs to make yourself, why not consider looking through the annals of history? Ebay has some great finds: just remember to search via bust measurement, rather than the standard ‘sizes’ which have changed enormously over the years…

If you can’t bear the trawling, though, someone has done it for you…

EvaDress is a wonderfully talented pattern cutter in the US who has rescued, duplicated and in some cases, resized, vintage patterns and sells them on her website, EvaDress.

Here are some of the stunning evening dress patterns that she has available that could be used to craft truly unique, elegant and timeless dresses to walk down the aisle in…

1940s evening dress pattern 4057

1938 Dresses

1930s day dress, with stunning bodice detail that could be put with a lengthened skirt with inserts, fishtails or a-line shaping to create the twirl required: Pattern 9079

1938 Frocks

1930s evening dress, Pattern 9906

1935 Wedding Gown

1935 bridal gown, Pattern 35213

1936 Evening Gown

1930s evening gown (separate over-jacket has batwing/grown-on sleeves) Pattern 6132

1935 Evening Gown

1935 evening gown, Pattern 7746

1936 Nightgowns

1936 nightgown pattern 610: would need the addition of sleeves, but a stunning shape, nonetheless…

Have you seen any vintage-inspired wedding dresses? What era would you go for, whether it be for evening or bridal attire…?

I contacted her in the runup to my wedding design, when I was considering a lace shirt-dress, to resize a 1940s blouse for my ample bosom. She was helpful, precise, efficient and very reasonable for this bespoke request. I sadly did not end up going down that route, but still have the pattern downstairs, waiting for the write piece of shirting to do it justice.

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