Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Enough with the strapless Vol 2: How about some sleeves already??

Carrying on from my previous rant, the tyranny of the strapless continues. I am holding out for the soon-to-be-Princess Catherine to bring on the demure and break the mould.

In the whole of Pronovias’ lust-worthy site, there are only a handful of dresses with sleeves… You may recall my horror at the complete absence of sleeved garb when I was searching for mine, and soon-to-be-hitched friend has now set a date of early December, which means warmth, which means sleeves. Come to think of it, she is terminally cold-blooded so anything under which you can hide a thermal vest may be the order of the day…


Iman, from the Costura Collection 2011(although it’s worth bearing in mind this is actually a lace over-top-and-train layered over a strapless dress… clever construction but not truly a sleeved dress)


Auriga, from the Ellie Saab 2011Collection


Mindanao from the Pronovias 2010 Collection (again, an organza over-coat, but gorgeous nonetheless)


Gaviota, from the Pronovias 2010 Collection


Chiara, from the Manuel Mota 2010 Collection


Opera from the Manuel Mota 2010 Collection

I can only assume that the dearth of the sleeved-garb in 2011 collection shows that these dresses just didn’t sell that well last year…?

I enjoyed these little numbers, though apparently there is a wedding-world-decision whereby if you are having sleeves you must want to show off your bosom and shoulders… Heaven forbid you may want to have rather more of the Grace Kelly about you…

More posts about sleeves, lace and how to go about making these style dresses from commercial patterns to follow… If I’m going to enforce my wedding-planning enthusiasm on my BFF, you may as well benefit from my web-wanderings!

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