Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crafty Business

What I’ve been making…

Pretty things to sell in the local cafe


More Peg Bags and a few little purses embroidered with old textiles…

P1060372P1060373 P1060374P1060375 

A funky little tanktop for a friend’s new arrival to the world, little baby Sebastian. (This is it pre-blocking…)


The beginnings of a Summer Flower Granny Square for a old friend turning an old age…P1060529 P1060530

I’m being cruel. She’s turning 30!

P1060531 P1060532

Only problem is, she’s the first of a ‘batch’ of friends starting a new decade, and I fear for the precedent… Delusions of King Size Bed throw have rapidly reduced to Lap Quilt. P1060535

And one migraine continues to grow… P1060536

This was typed and thankfully saved just before the laptop died. Turns out excessive chewing by little people does not equate to functioning charge-leads… Now fixed, and so apologies for little delay in transmission…

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