Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Products! Better Photos!

These little beauties will be going up on the shop by the weekend, but thought I’d offer you guys a sneak preview first…

Reclaimed linen, hand embroidery (by my fair fingers), lavender filled, vintage buttons… It’s only fair that such quality portrays a range of  red-hot to semi-luke-warm sentiments…

P1060187 P1060188

An addition to the ‘Dictionary Definitions’ cards will be these romantic ones, with luvey-dovey definitions on them and the festively-neutral ‘With Love’ hand stamped on each card. Do you call your special someone a pet name that could be ‘defined’ for a tongue-in-cheek Valentine?*

  P1060193 P1060194 

A better picture of the First Class Male card from the other dayAvailable here…

P1060196 P1060197

I’ll be expanding the range of embroidered hearts to sit alongside the stamped hearts and any missive that you fancy can be adorning your lavender linen heart in no time at all.

P1060191 P1060199

* Possibly a ‘too much information’ but our pet names are ‘Scrum’ (short for Scrumptious), and as the definition for scrum is:

A tight formation between the two opposing teams in readiness for the ball to be put in the tunnel between the two front rows and brought out into play

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