Friday, January 28, 2011

A day in the life of a grandma

P1060016On our return to the Tilster yesterday, we were greeted with a generally sticky baby. Not through lack of washing, but rather through a gunky eye of conjunctivitis and a snotty nose of post-jab feverishness.

Grandma had a lovely time with the Little One but it would be untrue to say that Tilly gave her an easy ride of it…

Will leave you with the notes that we discovered in Grandma’s kitchen between our departure at 4.30pm on Monday afternoon and our collecting Tilly on Thursday morning…


  • supper: 2 grapes, chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, carrot, pear, yoghurt
  • 1 Pringle
  • poo
  • bath 6.30
  • milk
  • bed 7ish
  • awake 12.30 / 2.15 / 3.00 / 4.30 (calpol) / 7.30


  • breakfast: milk, weetabix, toast, satsuma
  • took to school [where Grandma works] – ok but a little pink
  • slept in car then bed – total 15 mins
  • lunch – beans, toast, pear
  • poo
  • slept 2.15 – 3pm
  • walk to postbox – rather hot and a bit grumpy
  • calpol and calprofun
  • supper – meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot, yoghurt
  • poo
  • bath
  • play
  • bed 7.15
  • woke 8.30 with cough
  • woke 2.30, 4.30, 5.45 (milk)



  • downstairs to play but fell asleep again til 8am!
  • breakfast: weetabix, yoghurt, hot crossed bun, orange
  • visited neighbour
  • bed but poo so had lunch instead: toast, beans, grapes, banana
  • bed 12.45 to 1.20
  • playgroup – enjoyed seeing other children
  • home at 2.45 and straight to sleep
  • woke 4am – very hot
  • early bath and calpol
  • supper: fish pie and yoghurt
  • poo
  • milk
  • bed 7.15

Sadly on our return to St A, she has been incredibly fevery and snotty and so all the good work done by 3 nights away are being rapidly undone by half-hourly summonses to the nursery for cuddles. It’s lovely to have her back for cuddles, but I think I could probably have resisted the temptation for snuggles until the sun rose…

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