Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If only I’d had pageboys…


Sailor Suit £40 from Tulip and Nettle

also loving…


Chelsea Dress in sale here

And while we’re on semi-traditional clothes that make children look ADORABLE and not mini-adults… I have finally found a source for shoes that are scrumptious, practical and don’t involve pink glitter, flashing lights or silver butterflies… Something tells me I’d better indulge myself before the little one gets an opinion of her own…

Baby Op! Kids 140055-1 ShoeBaby Op Junior 140503-1 Classic ShoeBaby Op! Kids 140054-4 ShoeBaby Op Infant 130013-3 SandalBaby Op Infant 130016-4 SandalBaby Op! Kids 140003-2 First WalkerBaby Op Toddler 130088-2 Lace-UpBaby Op Junior 140502-3 Classic Shoe

All by Baby Op via Amazon – ranging from £14 to £30… BARGAIN!!!

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