Monday, October 11, 2010

Hair There and All over your Head…

Great big fabulous hair fascinators for brides, maids, guests or just for doing the hoovering…

Silk Rosettes $38.00

Rhinestone & Tulle $195.00

Handpainted Double Bloom hairband  $145.00

Bridal Mini-Hat $285.00

Pearl & Swarovski Hairband £92.00

Vintage elements Bridal Headpiece $64


Rolled silk flower and netting headband $50

Ivory blusher birdcage with feathers and flowers $89.99

Josephine Gold and Turquoise $105

And finally… how’s this for a colourful way to work with your pallette on your day??

From this wonderful Etsy Seller, Wedding Aisle… Would never have dreamed of mustard and magenta, but boy is it fabulous.

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