Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Light in the Garden

A chink of sunlight…

A glimmer of a giggle…

Today is a Good Day…

I have experienced today, rather than endured today.

I have smiled with my daughter and enjoyed her and undulated with her experience of this thunderstorm-filled Wednesday. Not all of it was uneventful; indeed, her afternoon ‘nap’ consisted for 45 minutes of rage on her part and repeated stair-trodding on my part.

I feel like Winston Churchill proclaiming the sentiment about ends, beginnings, beginnings, middles, ends, middles and so forth.

It will more than likely be crappy again. It will more than likely thunderstorm in places other than St Albans town centre.

But for today. For this evening, I am laughing.

At this joke.

And I am taking up my needle for the next project…


Please don’t hate me!!!

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