Sunday, August 08, 2010

Flower Power – Autumn Wedding Flowers No. 1

I was a guest at a gloriously vibrant yellow summer wedding this weekend. There are a load of gorgeous images that I’ll upload shortly, but it got me thinking about seasonal flowers, bouquets and suchlike.

Here’s a roundup of some ideas from around the web that make me smile for the looming cooler weather of autumn, for which I have three friends busily planning their nuptials…

Herbs and roses for a nosegay with height and depth.

Amnesia Roses and more by

Organic components including dried ferns and mushroom pods combine with fresh berries and roses by The Colour of Magic.

List below adapted from this site

Flowers Blooming in Autumn are:

  • Acacia – yellow pompoms
  • Allium – lilac/blue pompoms
  • Alstromeria – many colours, small blooms
  • Amaranthus – fuchsia, purple, magenta fronds
  • Anemone – purples, reds, blues, poppy looking flower
  • Baby's Breath – white miniature lightweight floral
  • Bittersweet – red/orange berry/flower
  • Carnation – many colours and incarnations (scuse the pun!)
  • China berry – pale green foliage
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Cockscomb – fuchsia, magenta, hairy wobbly frond – looks a bit like a hairy ear!!
  • Cosmos – pink, lilac, lavenders with yellow centre – daisy-like
  • Echinops – lavender, blue pompoms
  • Freesia – soft blooms, many colours, with extra buds under each flower.
  • Gerbera Daisy – bright colours, self explanatory, non?
  • Gladiolus – long stems of multiple flowers in bright colours 
  • Hypericum berries – bright red with green foliage

I to Z in a following post….

Happy contemporary styles here for eyeing up purposes

And this site too is rather pretty

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