Friday, August 13, 2010

Cycling uphill and UpCycling

I have found myself a rather crafty little niche at the moment. Little projects, with instant ‘wow’ to ensure inspiration and satisfaction, utilising the enormous and disparate bags of UFOs, scraps, samples and leftovers that are scattered throughout the house…

P1050088 P1050086 P1050087

Exhibit 1: Pillowcase dress made from my nanny’s bedding ‘rescued’ from my mum’s airing cupboard… Along the vein of ‘you don’t need this one, do you??’… Ahem. Cheers, Mum!

P1050148 P1050150

Experimenting with florals, wadding and vintage habedashery for teacosies, interiors and other scrummy things…


Short attention span + low frustration levels + small child = easily fractious mummy… 


Turns out, little projects that take afternoons rather than aeons to create are right up my street at the moment.

And without giving too much away, I found out today that they happen to be just up someone else’s street too! And as that someone owns a couple little shops, it could just all start falling in to place…

What fun, Pip, what fun.

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