Monday, August 02, 2010

Heads and Headers


As you may have noticed, we’re having something of an identity crisis over here. I know my header banner is in need of some TLC but the plaster-over-broken-leg solution was not working so have returned to the ol’faithful Blogger to get something in for the time being. If nothing else, it now says ‘CountRyside’ which makes more sense than before… Please forgive our appearance while I work out what on earth I want my blog to look like.


Had a much needed break last weekend and got taken to a stately home hotel for a few days. It was a great short-term fix, but unsurprisingly, I guess, now that I’m back in my familiar surroundings, my head is as cloudy as ever. Have been crocheting like a demon (possibly to distract, possibly to CREATE in order to be the valedictorian of creativity, if not for mothering, wife-ing, friend-ing and various other categories which I’m not sure I’m doing very well in at the moment) and very much appreciating the various messages I’ve received from lurkers, bloggers, forum typers and allsorts that have told me that I will feel better.

P1050051That’s just as well. At the moment, no amount of crocheted birdies bring a smile to my face, despite their jolly colours. Have decided that I would like to attach one to every present this year come December, so thought it would be a good stash-buster and car-crochet activity to get on with.

Wish me luck while I continue treading water, treading on carpets-in-need-of-vacuuming, and treading the treadmill of mummyhood.


Normal activity will shortly resume, I’m assured.

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