Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Scottish Wedding Design

Friends of ours are engaged to be married and we couldn’t be happier for them! They have two glorious children (5 year old girl and 2 year old boy) and Dad hails from Glasgow. They hope to marry in August before a relation is posted abroad with the Army, and so are leaping from nought to sixty on the wedding planning front …

It got me thinking about tartan weddings and how you could incorporate an important heritage into your day without it feeling like Edinburgh at Festival time.

The tartan in question is (thankfully) one of the gloriously lovely ones – Campbell, which is the mid-blue-green check below. Not too dark, not too bright… not too garish…

The bride wants to incorporate the tartan into her attire without drowning in the gothic and theme weddings. I personally love the frocks of By Storm – look through the website of this Glasgow-based boutique for some elegant styles that incorporate glimpses without feeling that you’re an extra in Braveheart.

The little flower girls have suggested wood fairy/sprite outfits and I love this pattern in dark chiffons to channel this kind of look below (left).

And to prevent the death by taffeta risk – this citrus frock would be great for a bridesmaid or best friend to nod to the scheme…

Flowers can go down the thistle route without being nauseating with these Buttonholes from John Henry

Can’t wait to see what route she goes down, but the brief happily set my mind racing around the web. What else do you think could work here?

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Katherine said...

Scottish Wedding Directory website might have some ideas, it's seen as the wedding bible up here! We had the thistle buttonholes for the guys, roses like my bouquet for the ladies. I did consider getting some tartan ribbon to tie round my bouquet but didn't bother in the end, it was just another thing to think about!

A lot of people incorporate tartan borders into the invites.