Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Craft (un) Fair

What happens when a good chum invites you to share a table of crafty goodness at a new fair in the local area?

Handstamped baby bibs in vintage cottons 

What happens when you stitch like a b***h in anticipation of said table, so as not to let the side down?

Our table full of crafty goodness! 

What happens when the fair is extraordinarily poorly attended?

Antique Linen lavender bags and Reel Necklaces 

You sell one item, that’s what.

Crochet hearts garland

The good thing about going with a friend, though, is that you have time for chatter, stitching, sitting and laughing.

Handpainted yarn soon to be sold online here. 

For the record, the fact that Reuss is moving away to another county is spectacularly unimpressive in my books. So it’s good that we got to craft together one last time. For now, anyway.

Beautiful fuzzy iPhone pics courtesy of Reuss – forgot to take the posh camera in amongst all the tablecloths/baskets/floats etc.

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