Monday, June 14, 2010

Ask Tilly: Your Parenting questions answered…


It’s only 11am and your use of a dummy has already been ‘commented’ upon by a shop assistant in the form of: ‘Oh, what a beautiful girl you are… But what is that horrid plastic thing that Mummy has put in your mouth?? You don’t need that, do you sweetheart…?’

Frazzled and knackered, you stagger to the library and head straight for the ‘How to get your child to sleep through the night’ section and as the buggy grinds to a halt, the bawling starts.


What do you do??


Rusk. Rusk. and Rusk.

It’s a toy, a snack, a teething soother and a rattle all in one.

If it gets ALL OVER the baby, the buggy, the buggy book, the floor, your shoes and the library… then so be it.

P1040307   P1040305

I say it again.


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