Sunday, March 21, 2010


One of the first questions we get asked when we tell people we have a three month old baby is ‘And how are you getting on with a routine?’ followed by ‘Does she sleep through the night?’


At first I intended to shoot to kill on hearing either of those utterances: the fact that I am partaking in adult conversation while caring for something whose age I can count in hours and days should be impressive enough. We can barely see straight without clockwatching for a thing that has no concept of nocturnal or otherwise…


Now, though, we are getting there. The move into the nursery seems to have coincided with a degree of regularity of a form: bath and a splash, baby massage and tummy time, milk and sleep. AT 7PM. And she will then sleep until midnight. And then again until 5ish, with milk requirements in those gaps.


What this means though is that we get an evening back.

P1030084And to that end, I’ve been enjoying, nay WALLOWING in, the splendour of adulthood and FREETIME (of course once the nonsense of laundry, cleaning, dinner, washing up and general muslin collecting has taken place)…

And I’ve been crafting…


Pics of projects to come… For now, back to the needles…

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