Friday, March 19, 2010

One Crafty Little So-and-So

So it’s now becoming family folklore that I may have made marzipan from scratch when my firstborn daughter was only 10 days old. Apparently that’s not normal.


I have, since then, been making and baking a little but have only just this week involved Tilly in a crafty project for both of us.

I had a block of Das in my stash, saved to try a Christmas tree ornament project (the link for which I of course cannot now find) in December: I was entirely prepared for her to be late and had stockpiled crafts, baking and general holiday merriment for the period after her due date. Arriving 3 hours early, she obviously put paid to all that…

My theory was going to be to create a footprint in clay for posterity…

Unfortunately, the clay was so firm that this would only have worked successfully if we were able to impale her foot on a wooden spike and then force THAT into the clay. 8 - 10 March 2010 - 3 months old

That idea was abandoned, but as this was the test run for a group coffee/craft session I’d promised my other babied-chums for the next day, the Boy and I got our thinking hats on.

We found this helpful little blog and got making some salt dough.

Great success!

The following day we got the other babies crafting and had a splendid time.

P1020933 P1030086

Although I have now got myself ‘a reputation’… Any suggestions for crafty projects for new mums greatly appreciated… I’m debating having a ‘make your own face mask’ sesh….??

That or ‘drink your own wine’…

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