Monday, March 15, 2010

Right on Target

Excuse me taking liberties with the title to this post…

I just had to be on Target with the blog this time.

The shop which, according to my FABULOUS California chum is called, alternately, TarGHETTO, TarGIT and Tarzjay depending on which area of any given city it is located in, has joined forces with that bastion of the British ditsy print, to hand us these rather wonderful pieces of GORGEOUSNESS.

On the plus side, the cotton frocks, baby rompers and OH MY GOD the BIKES are amazing.

Baby Romper $9.99

Melamine Tumblers $19.99 for 8

Piggy Bank $9.99

Tiered Romper with MATCHING HAT!!! $9.99

On the down side, I’m a bit sad about the excessive use of polyester in the maxi frocks and pretty boho tops.

And of course my living in the UK doesn’t help matters.

I shall *sigh* and *daydream* and THANK my little sister for maxxing out her credit card from her bijoux city apartment in Washington DC on my behalf.


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