Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cribs and crankiness

Matilda Molly Anne has now moved on to her Big Girl Bed having grown out of her deliciously lovely antique Moses Basket after only 13 weeks. Granny’s hard work was greatly appreciated but sadly Tills is now too much of a litte porker to lie daintily in amongst the embroiderie anglais.

Up until now the second bedroom was part changing table and part guest room, with a double bed for the various visitors we have hosted over the last few months.

P1020330It is now home to her ever-increasing collection of soft toys as well as the various nappies/wipes/ointments/unctions etc. They were getting lost on her changing table and so we finally bit the bullet.

The Boy donned electric drill and did the MANLY thing.


And now the nursery is a thing of beauty… Let me take you on a mini-tour…P1000077

Wall Stickers from Fun to See dotted over the fireplace decorate the mantlepiece. As the house is rented these are perfect: suitably gender neutral, removable and repositionable as well as having a variety of patterns = gingham, spots and stars – to keep Mummy happy!



Crib has now been put up and is beautifully adorned with dollies, cushions and patchwork quilt from Mummy and Granny, Grandma and many and various friends and families.


And meanwhile, surrounded by all this FABULOUSNESS, my daughter remain tranfixed by her own fist. 



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Katherine said...

What a lovely little room, and I love Tilly's outfit!