Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Busy Busy

A successful weekend has passed with more decisions made and jobs ticked off. I went back to my hometown of Cheltenham for a girlie weekend with my Mum while the Boy worked most of the hours available to him (and some that weren't!).

First on the list of jobs was the first fitting of the toile for my dress. (See this helpful site for an explanation.) I'm afraid modesty (!) prevents me from explaining the design in any great detail, but suffice to say that we have managed to find a few patterns to replicate the ready-to-wear design that we have fallen in love with from Pronovias and the fitting went without hitch. Corset and toile will go back to the sewing machine for fitting number 2 in a fortnight's time.

Also had a flit around the wedding shops in Cheltenham for a scope of the shoe possibilities out there (a resounding BLEURGH) and enjoyed coffee, chats and general merriment.

Other completed jobs include selecting the blue silk from Angus International for bridesmaids' dresses and sashes, sourcing a company to make ties for us from said silk, and approving the waistcoats and shrugs that Mum has been lovingly stitching for the wedding party. She is a very talented little bunny and I really could not have pulled this together without her. Thank god for retired Mums!

On an aside, I have had a comment from one of your fair selves requesting a wedding night underwear suggestion. I am compiling my thoughts and will hopefully post by the weekend. Thanks for your patience and in the meantime, have a browse on Figleaves if you have not done already. A huge selection and very helpful searching facility should make light work of your plight. xx


Michelle said...

Are you REALLY making your own dress?? I'm amazed that you have time to do this - you're so clever! Sadly I lack skills of a seamstress and have bought mine from this website - - hope you like it!! I'm going for the country theme too, and by the sound of your blog our ideas sound very similar. In fact i can't believe how alike we must be!

My only concern about the planning is that once it is all over I will have nothing to do, and nothing to think about. How will i deal with the anti-climax?! Do you worry about that too? Please tell me i'm not alone in this!

Thanks for all your amazing ideas - very inspiring.


Helen said...

I do worry a little bit about the anti climax but both the Boy and I are working very hard to not make our life about the wedding and the wedding alone. As he said the other night, we are remarkably managing to get more, rather than less, soppy as our relationship progresses so we certainly aren't living a life that's only about the wedding.

The dress is going to be gorgeous, and my mum is very very talented. I could knock something up but I want the couture fit that she creates - can't wait to show you how clever her fingers are!

PS Michelle - love your dress - very cute embroidery and I'm all about the colour. Well found - and a bargain to boot!

Michelle said...

I'm SO pleased you like my dress. I can't wait until it's delivered.

I'm also hoping to order these bridesmaid dresses. I LOVE them - but I'm concerned that the red may not work completely with the beautiful red embroidery on my dress. Any thoughts?

I've made a colour chart, and I'm hoping to tie everything together with the red and white theme.

I love your floral fabric inspiration for your theme. "The Betrothed" and I were inspired for our theme by some exquisite red and white toille wallpaper found in a drawer at my grandmother's house in Scotland. This is quite a similar pattern:

We plan to reproduce the paper for our invitations and save the date cards.

I admire how positive you are about the lack of anti-climax post wedding. I just can't see how I will be able to get on with things once it's all over though. I think about it every day, and pretty much every waking minute. I have been obsessing with themes, colour wheels and mood boards - and the wedding is not even until October - which, as most people tell me, is an extremely long way off. I think I'm already driving everyone completely mad - what on earth will I be like a month before the wedding?!!

Anyway, I'm so pleased I've found a blog by someone who clearly has very similar ideas, and cares as much as I do. Keep up the good work, I'm so enjoying it.

All good wishes

Alison said...

Oh girls, I can tell you that the wedding is only the start of it. Since I tied the proverbial knot last September I have been in a veritable whirlwind of excitement. There is so much more to come. Thank goodness the Man has lived up to all my high expectations!

If you are stuck for inspiration on the dress front you should check out Janice's work here: She is so talented and did an amazing job on my dream dress (and featured it on her website!!

Let me know if you need any advice as I've been through it all! This is the voice of wisdom speaking!