Saturday, February 09, 2008

Under where?

My puns are getting worse. They really are. I can only apologise.

The lovely Angelica noted my last blog post on underwear that only skimmed the surface and asked me for recommendations of stockists and pretty styles...

I do as I am asked and have had a hunt on. You should know that, with underwear, as with all things, I have requirements:

  • I am ample of boob. I require support. And when I say support, I mean small scale scaffolding (32e... yeah baby)
  • That does not mean that I think 4" wide straps are attractive
  • Or necessary
  • That does also not mean that I want to suppress or hide my bosom. I like my boobs. They just need to be convinced to stay upright. That means I need padding, not to add to their volume, but to support and cup them.
  • I hate man-made fibres. So I'm looking for silk bras.
  • I like sexy but not trampy. I like provocative without being obvious. I like pretty.

On to the pictures...

Elle Macpherson Intimates is gorgeous and the colours are often sweet without being vapid and have some really delicious retro styling:

Dentelle bra (32B - 38DD) £30 and shorts at £18

Notorious Bra (32A - 36D) £35




Rigby & Peller is an industry standard and well worth going to a branch to have an official fitting done. They maintain that a basque or corset is never necessary for strapless lift: that should all come from the under bust measurement fitting you securely.

This Giselle style has body to it without diminishing its delicacy and I really like the latte colourway: (32B - 40E) £66






Myla is always a favourite, if only in my mind. Though I've not stretched to anything from here yet, the following are very high up my list of possible splurges:


Ella Silk Chiffon babydoll £139 and bra (32A - 36DD) £109

The Nicole range is so pretty and lacey and comes in an eye-popping shade of coral pink that I have throughout my wardrobe. The basque, though, is probably the most bridal.

Basque (SML) £129

Bras (32A - 36DD) £89.00

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