Sunday, January 27, 2008

Smashing Plates

I thought the request was straightforward. I thought I would be able to identify the design of my dreams within a moment of entering the crockery department. I thought that it would be easy, satisfying and exhilerating.

I am only just now recovering from the strain of the exercise and remain without a chosen set of crockery.

I had hoped to find:

  • Crockery that would be suitable for daily use as well as for more formal dinner party occassions
  • Some design-added feature such as an interesting print, a handmade quality or a textured finish that would take it away from the normal white run of the mill set
  • Nothing with a silver or gold plain stripe on it

The Boy's only two stipulations were that it be not too girly and that he be comfortable eating a pizza off the chosen set.

After 50 minutes of a two hour consultation with no decision and a week of frantic internet surfing under my belt, I can confirm that we have narrowed down the options to the following SEVEN:

Farmhouse Chic by the Johnson Bros at Wedgwood with mix and match designs (I like this pairing but it's a bit feminine for the Boy and I'm not sure it's elegant enough for grand dining)

Filets Bleu (left) or Hortensia (right) at Gien

Blue Denmark from Wedgwood or Old Luxembourg by Villeroy & Boch

Cottage Blue or Country Heritage by Villeroy & Boch

Any preference? Any other suggestions? Any advice??


Tarkers said...

Villeroy and Boch are just devine! Try Iittala too for some super Scandi fabulousness!

Crockery is an easy one, I found cutlery much harder, it's the details that count; rounded or square, convex or concave, detailed or simple??!? What to do??

Helen said...

Oh thanks for the heads up. Just found the Iittala site - love the Owls but the Boy freaks at ornithological dining!

Cutlery was helpfully restrained by my folks getting us Robert Welch utensils as our engagement present. We kept the choice to his other designs for normal cutlery and that guided us home. I think having a degree of restraint like that is really useful. When you can choose from so much, you end up paralysed by indecision.

Well, I do, anyway.