Thursday, August 23, 2007

Swings, Roundabouts and Bridesmaids

Meanders, faffing and loving inappropriate dresses too much has led me on something of a wild goose chase regarding my gorgeous bridesmaids. I have, however, had to concede that this gorgeous wrap-coat above is in fact the most fitting and becoming frock to clothe my beautful blond sister and my beautiful brunette best friend, in a crisp sapphire blue silk dupion.

Now, the only question abounds around what to wear underneath... Suggestions include

Vogue 8318
View A of 8280
View D (with straight straps) of 8284

And then the final decision is whether to go for a full skirt pattern like the one above or to go for something more a-line by combining the skirt and jacket of this pattern into a more slimline silhouette.

Girls? Answers on a postcard...

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