Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ooh Vera!

Well, last weekend saw the first of what can only be described of 'Myself wearing very large frocks and feeling decidedly comfortable in them' sessions. Vera Wang showcased over 40 beautiful, elegant, incredibly-made of quality materials gowns in its boutique in the basement of Selfridges on Oxford Street.

My friend (P) and I were given a 'Brief Overview of the Collection' which could be reduced to here are the slinky ones and here are the big ones. We were invited to select up to six of our favourites initially and the assistant, Amanda, quietly left us to our own devices to drool and fondle the loveliness.

P found a very large dress which would not have looked out of place on the stage of the Royal Opera House. The effect of the corset on my middriff was extraordinary and, for such a voluminous skirt, remarkably slimming. It was, however, so far from 'me' as to be laughable. I flounced, and giggled, and returned to the fitting room.

The absolute favourite of the hour's consulation was undeniable:

I have loved this gown from the first moment of seeing it on the Vera Wang site about two years ago. It is Thai Silk, with two layers of silk organza, and a 'buff' sash in silk tied in a loose, asymetric bow to rear or to the side.
It probably helped that this gown came in my size (to be fair to Vera, her gowns ranged from 10-14 and there was ample preparation to shrink or expand those that weren't quite suited to your shape) and fitted me almost-glove like. Suddenly my curves were sleek and sophisticated, my waist pronounced and cinched and my shoulders elegant and expansive.

All my ravings against sleeveless gowns (ubiquitos and not suited to a November ceremony, which is where we're heading) were silenced the moment this beauty zipped up my spine. Suggestions of organza gathered shoulder caps would have solved the dilemma. I didn't care. I looked tiny. And elegant. And ethereal.

And a million dollars.

Needless to say, P cried. As it was my first frock, I was rather stunned and stood staring at the mirror at the bride in front of me.

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