Friday, August 24, 2007

I am the Mob

A very strange acronym in bride-blog land is the MOB (ie mother of the bride), beaten only by the strangest acronym of all: STD (otherwise known as Save The Dates)...

I want my MOB and my MOG to look utterly gorgeous and they both deserve the pampering and shopping trips that will guarantee this. Neither of them suit nor want the pastel sack dress with matching sack coat and fandango in their hair and so I am determined that each will find a fabulous outfit to make them feel just to the side of centre stage (tee hee!) on my wedding day.

My Mum is a gorgeous dark blond with curves and a great plumage (as my sister used to call it!). I think she would look gorgeous in a fine cashmere sweater and full taffeta skirt as modelled by Drew Barrymore above, or maybe some version of this sort of outfit from BariJay. I really like the idea of my mum in jewel colours like a deep amber/copper or maybe even a deep ruby as modelled here.

In strong contrast, my MOG is a slip of a thing with a much paler complexion and usually more comfortable in pastel shades and creams. She is very much on the petite side of the spectrum and I would love to give her an opportunity to show off her arms and calves but hide the tummy that she is becoming more aware of these days (and yet remains invisible to the naked eye!) Something tells me that convincing her to even try, let alone commit, to one of these sexy numbers will be a task in itself, but I think a slate grey or mustard gold would look beautiful on her colouring.
Grey metallic from Principles, gold silk satin from Monsoon, to be complemented by a cropped jacket in an accompanying tone to keep her covered when she wants the security of that.

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