Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cream cakes with a twist

The navy and cream theme continues apace. To keep the freshness and clarity of the palette, we think sticking to a cream cake with a possible navy accent may be the route to go down: pale blues just wash out the rest of the colours.

Any and all of these feel like they have a degree of individuality and interest about them, without too much fuss and deviation from the fact that they are, actually, cakes. The accent colours in ribbon or flowers could easily be replicated in icing or left as ribbon, embellished or otherwise.

Now, all I have to do is convince a dear old friend that she is up to this task!

All images from The Knot.

1 comment:

Sharonn said...

Lovely cakes, and you've really managed to pull together the navy/sapphire accent that you want for your wedding!

Will miss Living Gorgeously, but happy to continue reading yours and Paola's, esp since I'm arranging for my own wedding next summer 08 in Hampshire!