Friday, December 09, 2011

Wintry Decadence

P1080648 P1080650

Greeted at the doors by flaming torches and climbing the marble staircase to cocktails and canapes in the portrait gallery…


And I think I managed to get pretty close to my inspiration outfit image too! Dress is coral viscose crepe (ex-Armani fabric, so the shop assistant told me!) and then 1940s silk brocade remnant, found at an antiques fair for a few pounds and SQUEEZED the meagre amount of fabric into a bolero at the 11th hour. Turns out my concerns were unfounded, too, and there was an array of black and wintry outfits to behold, all of which looked perfectly elegant and appropriate.

There was dinner in the sculpture court and dancing in the crypt.

P1080657 P1080685

And all rounded off with some tasty cake made by none other than the groom! What an evening of elegance and wintry decadence.

Just checking with the bride that she’s happy for me to post pictures of her frock in detail – when she’s back from honeymoon I’ll show some detail shots for you to ogle at. Her frockage was stunning – and made by her mum. Clever lady.

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