Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspiration from the strangest places

There were some pretty fabulous costumes in The Hour, a 1960s BBC drama that finished this week. I’ve also had a bit of a Romala Garai love-in-fest too, and saw Glorious 39, resulting in my googling and LOVING this outfit, too…


But back to the point… Despite all of Romala’s gorgeous outfits, I was most taken by Ben Whishaw’s wardrobe of knitted waistcoats. The final waistcoat used the most interesting method of combining two colours: a base grey shade for the waistcoat fronts, and a contrast teal for the button bands, armbands and back piece. Really striking, and potentially a really great way to incorporate colour blocking into wearable pieces without scaring the horses.

Have been a-hunting and found these options for replication…

A lengthening tutorial for Tryst, a classic man’s vintage vest, and then this fitted female waistcoat too..

Waistcoat from Feature Knitting Designs, 1940s.WR1602 Knit Vested & Stylish

I’m thinking grey with mustard yellow highlights…


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