Friday, December 02, 2011

Vote NOW!

I received this lovely (not to mention, VERY EXCITING) email today from the fabulously talented Ruth Singer who, it seems, has been keeping herself rather busy at the moment.

I can only imagine if you’re reading this that you are of a creative frame of mind, and that you know already the awe-inspiring power and MIGHT that creating something of your very own out of your VERY OWN HANDS can have. Ruth wants to get a whole town excited about this, and with a very quick click of your mouse, you can help her. Read the below and CLICK on the link and then just click ‘like’. How hard is that? And how wonderful to think you may just get someone a little bit fabulously in touch with their inner artist, albeit rather tangentially.

Dear friends,

As you may know, I am in the process of setting up a craft & sewing workshop space in Leicester, running courses and craft workshops, planned to open in summer 2012.

I'm very excited that I've been shortlisted for the Haymarket's Big Idea competition to kick start the new venture. The competition is to win a free shop unit for a month plus some start-up funding which would be immensely valuable to me.

I had to write a proposal and deliver a pitch to a panel and now I am one of 4 to go through to the final stage. The winner is selected by public vote (via YouTube video) so I really need your help to get my business off the ground. My video isn't my finest moment, but I'm sure it will amuse you.

My proposal in brief:

My Big Idea is to get Leicester sewing and making. I want to run a create and make workshop where anyone can learn new practical and creative skills and be part of a crafty community. I want to share my experience as a professional textile designer-maker and author of two sewing books to inspire the people of Leicester to rediscover the pleasure of making things themselves. Sewing and making workshops are popping up all over the country -- it is time the creative city of Leicester had one!

To vote for me please visit

You MUST BE LOGGED INTO GOOGLE to vote (annoyingly) but once you are in, all you have to do it click the Like button below the video. You will know it has worked if it offers you an option to share the video via Facebook etc. It is a bit of a faff, I know, but it would make a huge difference to me (and to the creative community of Leicester) if you can help me win.

Thanks very much!


Ruth is talented, prolific and awfully clever too. Find her books here and think of someone who probably needs one for Christmas. Inspiring, creative and downright NECESSARY on your craft shelf.

All images from Ruth’s lovely blog here.

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